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Life Is So Short, You Need Python!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In the future world of ARTIFICIAL intelligence, how can Python be absent? With Python, you are the master of the future!

Guido van Rossum, the founder of Python language, was born in 1956 in Haarlem, the Netherlands. He is the original designer and main architect of Python programming language and is known as the father of Python. His famous phrase "Life is short, we need Python" is what Chinese netizens call "Life is short, I use Python".

As a development tool, Python language is an interpreted scripting language with high development efficiency and has six main USES.

1) website development

The following well-known websites are all developed in Python, there are also sohu, jinshan, Tencent, netease, baidu, ali, taobao, sina and other companies are using Python to complete a variety of tasks.

2) Python web crawler

You can see a piece of information from a web page and automatically save the information you like. This process of reading and storing data is similar to a web crawler crawl. Baidu, Google and other search engines, is through the crawler technology to achieve.

3) Artificial intelligence, machine learning

Python is the first choice for API Binding language. Many artificial intelligence development interfaces will be used in Python language, and Python will also be used in robot research and development. Python scripting language is easy to write and an important tool for scientific calculation and data analysis, so Python will be used in robot research and development.

4) Make games and animations

One of the more famous war games, Home-TaleWorlds Entertainment, is implemented through Python.

(Reference: Home- TaleWorlds Entertainment, 2020)

5) Data analysis

Advanced data structures and manipulation tools that make Python data analysis faster and easier.

6) Automatic maintenance

Web pages developed in Python are easy to maintain, allowing programmers to improve development efficiency and save a lot of time.

Python is so powerful that, according to INDEED, Python has risen to become the global mainstream programming language and one of the top three languages that require computer skills.

More importantly, the learning of Python does not require too much basic programming knowledge. Many children over 8 years old who have no programming foundation can learn it step by step. Learning Python helps open up the child's mind, improve his logical ability and the ability of solving problems.

The course is so popular in Singapore that it has become the first choice for students to take a programming course. Smart Kids Coding brings authentic Python courses to Singapore through cooperation With US NO.1 children's online programming and coding With Kids, a 600-plus offline training institution.

(Reference: Guido Van Rossum, 2020)

The age of artificial intelligence has arrived, and programming is increasingly becoming the third language Singapore's children must learn. Let the children who pursue their dreams learn programming, and Python accompany them to realize more possibilities for children.

You'll never regret joining SMART KIDS CODING!!!

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