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I love Making Game --Python

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Hi. My name is Victoria. I am 7 years old and I am from Boston USA. I like playing games during my free time.

One day we did a special hour of code in school and I loved it! After that I went on the website and discovered more coding games to have fun and learned coding. So when my mom asked if I wanted to try smart kids coding class, I was delighted and I said Yes!

The teacher is from America and Singapore who are very patient with helping all students to debug the code and check our projects to make sure we all understand the code and concept, the students in my classes are from China, Singapore, and Boston. I am happy to make new friends in class.

I have learned Python from smart kids coding for 12 months, I have successfully made different games from simple to difficult one in each class. I really enjoyed the classes! The teachers said I was a very smart and creative girl. She uploaded my games on Facebook and hoped to inspire more kids to learn coding. I am really happy that other parents and kids like my game. I will continue my coding lesson to have fun with friends.

This Game was designed after learning 8 sessions. I hope I can make good progress to design the games and play with my friends together.

I strongly recommend to join Smart Kids Coding Class, really have Fun !!!

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