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Benefits by learning coding

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Clark is a 10-year-old boy and was born in Nanjing ,China. He happened to see our advertisement on the Internet and become interested in our Online Coding program. After understanding that our class is conducted by USA instructors who have years of experience in teaching kids coding, he decided to join in our program as a beginner in elementary course of Python.

At first, he took our free trial class and he found it very interesting. The teacher taught to write a few lines coding by Python and snow floating in the air, he was deeply attracted by the game. During the class, the teacher gave each of students 5 minutes to make their games and asked each of students to share the screens one by one to help them debug the code. The 1 on 1 approach is really suitable to all kids since they have chance to talk to the teacher and know how to fix their coding problems.

In our online course, students are from all over the worlds, which means they have more opportunity to exchange their thoughts and idea and also learn from others.

After taking weekly course, Clark really enjoys studying coding with them and he also makes some friends.

After 16 months online study, he has finished the Python beginner class and mastered the basic concepts of Python, Now he is a student in Python advanced class and able to write 500 lines code to make more complicated games. What’s more, his English writing and listening skills have been improved accordingly as he communicates with his instructors and other kids in English.

Clark is a very smart boy. He is very creative and able to think far. Every time before he codes, he will think about how to adjust and make better games. Now, he is more confident than he used to be as the coding lessons cultivates him how to fix complicated problems. He spends more time to think of how to design his own games and share with his good friends instead of none stop playing old games.

He believes that the artificial intelligence will change people’s life and learning coding is very important for kids when they are at young age. His dream is to study in USA in Top university to learn computer science and he hopes his future work can help more people in the world.

Now he studies weekly Python class, he can write few hundred lines coding to design complicated games like Game of Life.

We believe his dream will come true one day.

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