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Smart Kids Coding Endorser - STEAM girl Grace K. Cai

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Grace has been the advertising endorser for Smart Kids Coding since 2020, and took python classes with Smart Kids Coding. She is a leader at the Newton South High School DaVinci STEAM program. The program encourages students to develop skills of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. 


Her passion for computer science has been growing over time. Grace is the founder and president of Newton South High School AI Club, also known as United States Young Scholars for AI. Her club invited computer science and AI leaders not only from institutions such as MIT Computer Science and AI Lab and University of Manchester, but also industrial leaders from Hewlett Packer and NCS Group Singapore. She is also a student board member of Global Youth Philanthropy, an organization devoted to change the world through volunteering. She voluntarily taught a series of AI introduction classes to elementary and middle school students. Grace received the President's Volunteer Service Award gold medal for her community service and volunteering work.


Besides her passion for her academic interests, Grace has been training with the Skating Club of Boston. She recently passed her senior level move in the field figure skating test and won the gold pin. She is a member of  the Junior level Theatre on Ice figure skating team.  They won the national theater on ice championship in June, 2022. Throughout her figure skating career, Grace has had injuries and battles with mental stress not only with herself, but also her fellow skater friends. 


Music has been a big part of her life since 5 years old. She has been taking yangqin (Chinese dulcimer), piano and vocal lessons. During the 2022 Beijing Olympic season, she was the featured figure skater in the olympic theme video <Flame of Hope>. It was produced by Boston Asian Radio and TV station (BARTV). 


During her 9th grade summer break, she attended the Harvard Medical School MEDscicene camp because she wants to be in the medical field. At that time, she realized that neuroscience and music therapy interested her. She wants to study the brain and help people stay healthy both physically and mentally.


This summer Grace will be at the Berklee College of Music Five-Week Music Performance Intensive camp to get music performance training and learn about music therapy.

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