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 Online Coding Academy for kids and Teens 

 Our Teaching Approach 

 Learning Ladder

Smart Kids Coding curriculum is designed to suit kids in different age group. We offer programming skills from beginner to advanced levels. With each step up the ladder, students gain proficiency in specific skills and add new, more complex projects to their portfolio. Kids start from easy to understand program such as Scratch and slowly advance to more professional programming languages, such as Python or Java. Website design, Minecraft Modeling, Roblox, App Development and Robotics are also offered. Our benefits include small group sizes (max. 7, guaranteed), individualized pace, progress tracking, and level graduations based on final project-based exams..


 How do we conduct our class ?

Welcome Session

                                     Each new student will join a Welcome Class in the first week. Introduces them to the coding  environment

                                     for their level, explains the coding language(s) , let students to build small projects projects to ensure

                                     the smooth transition into the ongoing class.


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                                  Workshop groups have a maximum of  7 students per teacher to ensure all kids have chance to

                                  communicate with teacher. 



Small Group
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Live Instructor
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 Teachers will be offering individual support and help with project design and debugging to each student


Program Tracking
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  Instructors track student progress within each level individually based on student’s understanding of and

  ability to apply concepts they learned in their class projects


                            As soon as a student masters all concepts introduced at their Level, they are presented with

                            a project-based exam  conducted in a graduation session.