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# 1 Online Coding Academy for kids and Teens 



Coding with Kids curriculum is designed to grow with our students. ThCoder's Ladder®, similar to martial arts belt system, defines computer programming skills from beginner to advanced levels. With each step up the ladder, students gain proficiency in specific programming skills and add new, more complex projects to their portfolio. Levels are taught in age and experience appropriate development environments, from Scratch to professional programming languages, such as Python or Java. The Coder’s Ladder® Classes are the flagship program of Coding with Kids’ academy. Benefits include small group sizes (max. 6, guaranteed), individualized pace, progress tracking, and level graduations based on final project-based exams..


Coder's Pathways™

Learning pathways offered via a variety of programs formats


Progressive Curriculum

Coder's Pathways™ are designed for programs shorter than our year-round Coder’s Ladder® classes, such as enrichment classes or camps. Most of these programs are limited to 8-15 hours of instruction time, therefore each pathway is sectioned into multiple courses, from Beginner to Advanced Levels.


Specialty Focus
Coder's Pathways™ curriculum introduces students to advanced programming in core languages, such as Scratch, Python, or Java. Coder’s Pathways™ offer a wider range of specialty options, from Minecraft Modding and Roblox to App Development and Robotics. Pathway-based programs are great as stand-alone programs for students with specific interests or as supplemental enrichment options that ad to the versatility of any young coder, including students enrolled in our academic Coder's Ladder® program.


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