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1 to 1 ,  Small Group, Weekly Class.     


 Website Design 10--16 Years old 

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Intro to Website Design

( 12 sessions  sessions 70 Minutes per session )

Language: Java Beginner 

1. Introduction to Web Design and HTML

  •  Introduction to HTML. Mini

  • Project: Creating a basic HTML page with headers and paragraphs.

2. HTML Deep Dive

  • HTML tags, including links, images, lists, tables.

  • Mini-Project: Creating an HTML page about a favorite animal, book, or game, using the learned tags.

3. HTML semantic elements and Introduction to HTML Forms

  •  Understanding how to create forms in HTML,

  • Mini-Project: Creating a simple "Contact Me" form on a webpage.

4. Introduction to CSS

  • Concept of  CSS is and how to link a CSS file to an HTML document.

  • Mini-Project: Adding styles to the previous HTML page.

5. CSS Styling

  •  Learning about CSS properties like color, font-size, background, border, and more.

  • Mini-Project: Adding more styles to the previous HTML page.

6. Html attributes and CSS selectors

  • learning how to select specific HTML elements and apply styles to them.

7. CSS Layout - Introduction to CSS Box Model

  • Display property, and positioning elements.

  • Mini-Project: Creating a simple layout with a header, footer, and main content area.

8. Responsive Design

  • Understanding what responsive design is and how to create responsive layouts using CSS.

  • Mini-Project: Modifying the previous project to be responsive using media queries.

9. Intro to CSS Float, Flexbox and Grid

  •  Introduction to powerful CSS techniques for creating complex and responsive layouts.

  • Mini-Project: Creating a photo gallery or card layout using Flexbox or Grid

10. Exploring CSS Transitions and Animations

  • Learning how to make a webpage more dynamic using CSS transitions and animations.

  • Mini-Project: Adding transitions and animations to buttons and other elements on a webpage.

11. Introduction to JavaScript

  •  Explanation of what JavaScript is, how it works, and basic syntax. Mini-Project: A simple JavaScript program to display current date and time.

12. Final Project: Personal Web Page

  •  Using all the learned concepts to create a personal web page that includes text, images, styles, and interactive elements. The page should be responsive and accessible. The topic can be anything of interest to the student: a hobby, a personal bio, a fan page for a favorite book or movie, Etc.

     The topic can be anything of interest to the student: a hobby, a personal bio, a fan

      page for a favorite book or movie, Etc.

Some Projects Done by Instructor
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