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Smart Kids Coding Class has launched a kid ‘s coding program in China & Singapore. Since March 2020, we have taught students from the serveral countries, such as China, Singapore, and New Zealand.USA,Frence, Japan. The small group classes give kids the opportunity to communicate and learn with each other and still get the attention they need to learn. Our students are smart, talented, and have incredible achievements in different world competitions. A student in the Python Class, Grace Kelsangmetog Cai (14 years old) from Boston, USA, was a 2019 International Figure Skating TOI Champion and won First place for the 2020 North America Youth Talent Competition traditional instruments category. Grace has also won the 2020 World Olympic Math Competition Gold Pin by finishing in the top 2%.  A student Jacob (14 years old) from New York, is a Hoops Basketball team player, and potential NBA Basketball candidate, who studies Python in our classes. Grein (9 years old) learns Scratch, and he is the 2019 Piano Champion in China. Bryant is golf player in boston who has winned few awards in Boston Area Golf Compitition. Some other kids are little pianoist or little artist. 

The students understand how learning coding can help them develop creative skills and improve them to resolve complex issues. 

Python Project 

            Grace Cai

13 years old ( Boston )

2019 World Ice Skate  TOI Champion 

Python Project 

Grace Cai, 2019 World Ice Skate  TOI Champion 

13 years old ( Botson)


( 14 years old  (NewYork)  

Hoop Group Basketball Player, NBA Candidate 

Python Project 

Python student  Projects 

 Build a Robot 

Python student  Projects 


9 Years old ( Seattle )  

Python Project 

               See En 

9 years old ( Singapore )


8  years old ( Singapore )


10 Years old ( Beijing  )  


8 years old ( Singapore )


 9 Years old  ( Boston )

Baking a cake ( 8 years old  )


 I am solder  

10 year old ( Boston )


8 years old ( Singapore )

 Python Students Homework 

Among US  ( 9  years old  )

Baking a  chocolate cake ( 8 years old  )

Head50ing 6-7 


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