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Our Story

Smart Kids Coding was fund  BY Susan Wu in 2020,  We have developed one of the best quality, most comprehensive Computer Science programs in the Asia - USA market.

After more than 2  years  teaching kids coding at Smart Kids Coding , we  developed specialized kids' coding programs with a team from all around the world. This has made our programs accessible to children in China, UK Singapore and the USA. Through bridging students in China to those living in the USA, our globalized classes aim to inspire children in their development of creativity, international perspectives, and open mindedness. In addition, we strive to ensure students have fun during class, whilst learning and making friends by interacting with their peers.


The founders of ‘Smart Kids Coding’ Susan Wu and Rick Smith- have over 15 years of working experience in reputable IT firms. These include, but are not limited to: Dell, Microsoft, and HP - where they worked as technical consultants delivering large scale IT projects to top companies and governments across the Asia Pacific. Before moving to Singapore, Susan was a Physics lecturer in a well-known University in China.

Artificial intelligence is impacting the future industry and everyday lifestyle of society. Therefore, there is a great importance in delivering the mastery of coding to our future generations.


Coding is a basic literacy in the digital age, and it is important for kids to learn and understand it so that they develop a greater understanding of the technology around them. Educating children on coding at an early age enables them to be well prepared for the future.

Our Mission

The mission of Smart Kids Coding is to deliver high-quality coding education to children no matter where they are in the world. Every child deserves the opportunity to learn this fun and lucrative skill, which develops their logical thinking, and problem-solving issues, improves their Math, makes friends from all over the world, can find the interest for coding, and prepare for their career in the future.  

Leadership Team


Susana Wu

Managing Director and founder of Smart Kids Coding 

Susana is currently working in the USA-based High Tech Company as a service delivery manager, she has more than 10 years of working experience in USA High Tech Company deliver IT services for customers. She obtained his bachelor's in Electronic Engineering from Shaanxi Normal University China and an MBA from the University of Manchester Business School. As a UN volunteer, in her part-time, She participates in education projects for Africa Nigeria Female Education students. 

As a kid's coding founder, she was the winner of the 2020  4th UK-China Manchester Oversea students innovation and entrepreneurship competition.          


Rick Smith

Co-founder and Vice President  

He has more than over 20 years of managing experience as a director of the customer service in HP and Microsoft currently leads a global project team in High Tech  company.

Rick holds a bachelor's degree in Art from Boston University and Columbia University.


Jiang Ao Fun

Oversea Marketing Manager

Ao fun is a student of the New York State University of the stony brook. He majored in Mathematics and Statistics. He finished his high school in Standford American School. He was the winner of 2020 4th Manchester & China Innovation Entrepreneurship


Cai Zhao Rong

Instructor Assistant 

Zhao Rong is a student of the National University Singapore, Who studies computer Science. He has over 3 years of working experience in coding and primary school students, he was the winner of the 2014 UNSW International competition and assessments distinction, and he got the Edusave Scholarship 2011.

Our Business Partners 

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