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   Small Group, Once a week 


Scratch  ( Age 8-12 ) 

Scratch Beginer.png

Scratch: Intro to Game Development (New Coders)  (90 Minutes per session )

Languages / tools: Scratch



Start your coding journey by creating your own games! Campers will learn the core concepts of computer programming that will lay the foundations for future coding success. A variety of projects, such as chasing games, mazes, and animated stories, will allow campers to use their creativity while learning coding concepts like loops and variables. Our unique curriculum and smaller class size provide personalized instruction that helps students progress at their own pace while being appropriately challenged. Students will have access to their own Scratch account that will allow them to continue working on their coding journey at home.

Scratch Intermediate.JPG

Scratch: Arcade Games & Platormer & Maze Games ! ( 90 Minutes per session )

Languages / tools: Scratch


Completion of Scratch: Intro to Game Development OR basic coding experience

In this workshop, students will learn how to recreate a different arcade game each day, including Brick Breaker, Space Invaders, and more! Using Scratch, students will learn various coding concepts and techniques to apply to recreating arcade games. Students will build on their existing coding foundations to challenge themselves by coding various types of classic games.

tudents will create a different platformer game each week to learn the various coding skills and concepts involved in making platformers. Students will use Scratch to code progressively challenging games including recreations of classics like Mario Bros. and Kirby!

scratch Advanced.JPG


Completion of Scratch: Arcade Games I or Scratch: Platformer & Maze Games I OR advanced coding experience in Scratch

 Students will learn some new skills and game development concepts as they re-create some memorable classic arcade games in Scratch. At the advanced level, the course will focus on empowering students towards more independent coding and problem solving!

Scratch: Arcade Games II  (90 Minutes per session  )

Languages / tools: Scratch