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I love coding !

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Author : Byrant Cai ( USA, Boston )

My name is Bryant Jampel Gyasto Cai from Boston USA. . Jampel Gyasto means wisdom of the ocean. It is the same as my grandpa's name. I am from Boston. I am 10 years old and in Grade 5.

Math is my favorite subject at school.

I like Golf. I practice golf every week and have been to a few tournaments. I got Boston local season’s Top Star award before.

I like playing video games with my friends. Now I want to make my own video game. I hope other people can play it for fun.

I am also passionate about community service, my sister and I have been teaching other little kids coding in our part time.

Football game design by Python.

I often perform music at Senior centers. Even during the pandemic, we did window performances to let the elderly citizens hear our music through the senior home windows. I believe I will add my own music in my own game like a artist to have my own studio.

Because of my commitment to community service, I got the President’s Volunteer Service Award Bronze Medal.

The instructors from Coding with Kids are very patient and friendly.They always inspire me to think in the class. Whenever I have some problems or meet challenges, they will give me some clues and lead me to fix the bugs and get the correct results that I want.

Smart Kids coding class is fun. Make games through Scratch and Python is very interesting. I like it very much. I also take drawing class now to improve my art skills. I hope that I can create real complicated games soon.

I feel learning coding help me to improve my math as well. Recently I attended the USA Olympic Math Competition, I got first price, I felt so happy for that.

I enjoy learning coding in Smart kids Coding Class. Join me and let us stay clam and keep learning coding.

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