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I love coding !

Updated: Apr 10

Author : Byrant Cai ( USA, Boston )

My name is Bryant Jampel Gyasto Cai. Jampel Gyasto means wisdom of the ocean. It is the same as my grandpa's name. I am from Boston. I am 10 years old and 5th Grader.

Math is my favorite subject at school.

I like Golf. I have been practicing golf every week and been to a few tournaments. I got Boston local season’s Top Star award before.

I like playing video games with my friends. Now I want to make my own video game. I hope other people can play it for fun.

I am also passionate about community service. My sister and I have been teaching English to kids in Wuhan, China during the pandemic.

I have been performing music at Senior centers. Even during the pandemic, we did windows performances to let elderly people hear our music through the senior home windows.

Because of my commitment to community service, I got the President’s Volunteer Service Award Bronze Medal.

The instructors of coding class are from Coding with Kids, they are very patient and friendly , they always inspire us to think in the class. They ask each student to share projects and help us to fix the bug, the one to one approach to make sure all students understand the code concept and learn from each other.

Smart Kids coding class is fun. To make games through Scratch and Python are very interesting. I like it very much. I also take drawing class now to improve my art skills. I hope that I can create real complicated games soon

I feel learning coding help me to improve my maths as well, Recently I attened the USA Olympic Math Competition, I got first price, I feel so happy for that.

I am enjoy learning code in Smart kids Coding Class, Join me, let us stay claim and keep coding.

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