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My World --Minecraft

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Is playing games bad for children's health? Researchers at Nemepede University believe certain video games have significant benefits for children, helping them regulate their emotions, build strong social bonds, and improve other cognitive abilities. Parents should manage their children in the right way so that they can gain many benefits from being addicted to playing games to developing their games.

Speaking of children's game development software, here is a Microsoft game Minecraft that has been popular in The US and Europe for many years. During the epidemic, the annual sales volume reached $200 million, and there were 126 million users online every month. During this epidemic, the monthly user growth was more than 25%. Minecraft won game awards around the world and won the Children's Choice Award in 2020, also known as the child programming artifact.

What are the features of Minecraft?

is also an open-world platform with an active community that provides players with a virtual 3D space and many game modes to experience the virtually unknown world.

The five model in the game are Survival, Creative, Adventure, Spectator, Hardcore.

1.) Easy to pick up and addicting

Minecraft is like an infinite capacity of Lego for children, who can incarnate as builders or designers to develop the land, dig treasure, and make anything possible, allowing children to explore the world and have different experiences of life.

2.) Inspire and explore confidently

Children wander and explore the world without pressure in an open environment. They find ways to build a shelter or avoid enemies (giant spiders or green "crawlers") in case of danger behind them. Allowing children to be free to make mistakes and succeed in Minecraft.

3.) Increase your creativity

It's an unprecedented opportunity for children to create. They can explore a vast underground cavern system or build a luxurious house. In the game, your child will show off their architectural talent and create amazing cities and buildings based on real or imaginary locations.

4.) Teamwork

In an article for the American Psychological Association (APA), Isabela Granic, Ph.D., describes studies that reveal that "those who encourage cooperative video gameplay are more likely to help others than those who also play."

5.) Solving problems

Children must discover new resources and try different combinations of recipes to create tools. Research conducted by the International Institute of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (IMRI) suggests that playing video games may have some effects on problem solving and memory.

6.) Teaching manage resources

Children begin to calculate the cost of resources while building their own houses. For example, is it faster to dig a hole with wood or with an ax? Which tool is more efficient?

7.) Skills in geometry

Children develop spatial awareness and geometric skills as they build structures with these blocks. Children will soon learn how to use six sides of a cube and how to stack blocks in a structurally stable manner.

8.) Community participation and interaction

One of the coolest things about Minecraft is that other players often share their custom modifications, mission maps, impressive artwork, and wiki entries. This culture encourages young people to explore their ideas and contribute.

Minecraft is teaching students how to stay calm and focus on solving problems instead of getting frustrated and giving up quickly. According to educational thinking: "Progress and growth are considered valuable in the learning process. Minecraft will help students in the future academically and when pursuing careers."

In the era of artificial intelligence, employers attach great importance to the growth thinking of such talents. which is an important measure to release a study on children's programming system and teaching mode, with special funds that strongly support programming education research. So learning to code has become an essential skill for children, and if parents can't stop their children from playing, why not encourage them to learn this great game?

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