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Smart Kids Coding

Think, Design, and Code ! 


2 years of coding with kids


2000+ Online Lessons Taught


International Innovational Award


10+ Instructors


300+ Students Taught


1 to 1 Approach 

Founded by Susan Wu in March 2020, Smart Kids Coding is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of tech innovators by offering one of the most comprehensive computer science programs available. In partnership with leading online coding schools, we deliver engaging and extensive online and offline classes for children aged 6-18, following a robust STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) structure. Our program spans the globe, with students from the United States, China, Singapore, Japan, France, and Egypt. Our distinguished team of instructors, including world RoboCup winners, brings diverse talents and a wealth of experience to provide exceptional education. Recognized for our impact, we received an award at the 4th Manchester & China Innovation Competition in 2020. Additionally, as sponsors of the Boston Newton High School AI Club, we support events and discussions on AI technology, trends, and development. Our mission is to influence young minds by introducing them to programming at an early age, equipping them with the skills necessary for a future driven by artificial intelligence. Join us and become part of a global community dedicated to shaping the future through coding.

International Innovational Award


Prominent Teachers


 Khaled Badran


Khaled graduated with a degree in computer science from Leibniz University Hannover in Germany. His interest in game design and software development began in early childhood, and he has since accumulated extensive practical programming experience. Khaled has a broad background in teaching children how to creatively solve problems through engaging and challenging tasks using Scratch, Java, and Python, all while maintaining a funny and humorous teaching style. He also specializes in teaching mobile app and website design. His passion for teaching extends to adults as well, whom he tutors in CSS, SQL databases, Linux, and HTML. In his free time, Khaled enjoys playing football and traveling.


 Hafidz Abdullah 

 Ssenior Instructor 

Hafidz currently holds the position of Business Development Manager at a prominent local tech firm. He earned his B.Eng (Hons) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Aberdeen (UK) and furthered his education with an MBA from the University of Adelaide (Australia). With over a decade of experience in adult education and five years of expertise in teaching mathematics and computer programming to younger students, Hafidz notably served as a lecturer of software engineering at the School of Engineering at Singapore's Republic Polytechnic. Additionally, he is recognized as a nationally-accredited sports coach and was appointed as an International Technical Officer at the Asian Games 2018 in Palembang, Indonesia.

ao yun photo.jpg

Jiang Ao Yun


Certainly! Here's the paragraph with a more professional tone: Ao Yun is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Game Design at Digipen Institute of Technology University in the US, which was ranked among the Top 5 Game Design Schools by Princeton rankings in 2021. With over three years of experience in teaching children various skills such as building robots with Lego kits, designing Scratch animations, and creating complex games using the Python platform, Ao Yun is renowned for her positive energy, interactive teaching style, and profound knowledge in her field. During her academic journey, she achieved remarkable success, winning the double Champion title for RoboCup 2019 Asia Pacific Cospace Rescue league and attaining the esteemed title of World Champion in the RoboCup world competition. In her leisure time, she indulges in her passion for a healthy lifestyle and enjoys reading novels.


 Kemal Balandiz

 Program Director  

Kemal holds both a Master's and PhD from The University of Manchester in Mechanical Engineering. His doctoral research enabled him to leverage his expertise in control systems, machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence. With a fervent passion for coding, robotics, and motor control, he specializes in educating high school and university students. Kemal possesses extensive experience in coding and design utilizing Python, C, Matlab, Java, and Cloud technologies such as AWS, IBM Watson, and Microsoft Azure. In his spare time, he actively volunteers, delivering talks on AI to students at the Boston South Newton High School AI Club, aiming to inspire more young minds to embrace the field of AI from an early stage. Outside of his professional pursuits, Kemal enjoys cooking, reading, and visiting museums.



WeChat Image_20211117211505.jpg

Ling Yun 

Senior Instructor 

Ling Yun received Master and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Manchester. He was very interested in learning programing when he was in High school and dreamed to study in aboard. He has a good understanding of programming and is professional in coding with Python, Java, C and VB. Furthermore he  is proficient in machine learning, embedded control, signal processing and 3D modelling. He assisted professor to teach students programing  in university. His dream was to design the robot for disable people to help them to have better life. Therefore he win  the first price for the robot design in the 15th China & Manchester Chunhui cup innovation & entrepreneurship competition, as the instructor  of coding, he enjoys teaching kids how to design game and cultivate logical thinking creative thinking. When he is free, he like to travel and reading and playing games with his loved one.  


Maxwell Au


Maxwell Au is an experienced coding instructor with a diploma in Mechatronics and Robotics from Singapore Polytechnic.  He is currently a student at Nanyang Technological University pursuing his bachelor’s degree in computer science, further enriching his knowledge in the field.

He specializes in Python and C# programming languages and has experience teaching coding and mathematics for kids and teenagers. Maxwell has also worked in PLC programming and algo-trading for a total of two years.

Maxwell has received numerous accolades for his academic achievements, including being named to the Director's Honour Roll in 2021 and 2022 at Singapore Polytechnic and being awarded the Edusave Merit Award and Edusave Skills Award in 2022. Maxwell's commitment to excellence and passion for teaching, coupled with his ability to simplify complex concepts, will help students excel in their coding journey.

Maxwell is passionate in dance, he enjoys going a multitude of dance genres such as Hip Hop, Contemporary and Breaking. His dream is to pursue a PhD in Computer Science to contribute to the academic world. 


Dr Qian Chen 

Senior Instructor 

Qian Chen is got his PHD degree  at TongJi University China, who foucs on Modern City Transport Techenology and Managment filed study based on technique of mobile communication data.  

He specializes in Python and C# programming languages and has experience teaching coding and mathematics for kids and teenagers. Qian Chen has also lead the project of City Transport and Trian Management Softeare Managment . 

 Qian Chen won 2nd price for China Undergraduate Mathatical Contest in Modelling 

 in 2012 

He won 2nd price for National Post -Graduate Mathematical Contest in Modelling in 2015  

Qian Chen is passion for teching high school students,   leads them to explore he high Technology  world, encourgage them to become the leader of  ITto pursuit the dream and change the world .

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