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Why kids need to learn code ?

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

In the modern world, the Artificial intelligence is available, and a lot of work requires computers, there are many jobs will be taken over by robot. So there are many jobs request employee to use computer and know how to do coding in order to complete the tasks in their position. it is very crucial for kids to learn coding since they are very young.

What is the code?

Coding is the a method of communicating with a computer. It is using a language that a computer understands to give a computer instructions in order to perform specific functions. Coding allows us to create things such as computer software, websites, apps and video games, basically, coding is giving instructions to a computer in order to produce a desired outcome.

Why kids need to learn the code ?

Learning coding is becoming very important for kids, there are many primary school and high schools have computer since class. Especially there are over 40% kids attend the coding lesson after school in USA.

According the Statistics, there are over 1 million teachers have taken steps to bring computer science to their schools in USA. According the MIT statistics, there are more many kids learn scratch in more than 150 countries.

Learning coding at young stage to drive the innovation for countries, such as China, Japan, USA, Singapore , India.

Another reason STEAM has been around for a while. Because it’s a comparatively new educational concept, so it is important for kid who has various knowledge, not just to know the Math, English , Art, Ect.

Here are 5 reasons why coding is important to learn for kids.

1. Coding teaches kids how to think .

A computer is a bicycle for your mind” – Steve Jobs

When kids are doing projects by writing the code line, It is more about teaching children how to think differently. Being able to code effectively, a programmer needs to use logical thinking.

2. Help kids to learn problem resolved.

Understanding computers and learning the basics of coding helps children to develop an appreciation of how things work, using math in order to solve problems in logical and creative way. When they are young The ability to solve problems is a trait that is useful in life in general.

3. Coding gives kids a challenge and helps them develop resilience.

Kids develop the ability to respond back after failure. They learn that failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing, they can think positive because failure is the mother of successful.

(Source from In Israeli culture, failure is an option)

4. Coding helps children learn how to have fun with math and improve their maths skills

Learning to program involves many skills including organizing and analysing data. Children can grow their math skills while coding more than just for fun.

( Source from Phys Org )

5. Coding is future!

Coding is here and now. We live in a digital world where software rules everything. Somebody has to write all this software. That’s where programming comes in. Software is used in different industries, retail, automation, transport, banking. Aerospace, AI is part of our life, learning coding help kids to have better job opportunity when they are in job market.

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( Source Boston Dynamics Robot )

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