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Why kids like learning coding in our class ?

Updated: Feb 9

Tiger is 9 years old, who was born in Beijing in a middle-class family, he moved to Boston

with his family few years ago.

Tiger is very fun boy, he likeS skiing with his parents in holiday, he also like playing game,

he is very open-minded boy, he told me he like China and USA. Beijing is his hometown,

he like those museums and delicious food, but he also likess studying in USA as he enjoys

learning with kids from defend countries in American class.

He joined smart kids coding class since last year Aug 2020, he shows his passionate to

making games, he has millions of questions in the class, and he likes to exchange his idea with Coding with Kids Teacher and students to make outstanding games. He thinks the teacher is very patients to help him out when his code have bugs.

He came back Beijing from Boston last year because of coved 19 pandemic in USA, he has been attending online class for 1 year, he hope he can go back to campus soonest, he worries about the those friends in USA, he hope the Corvid finish soon.

He made a game to urge people wear masks and keep social distance in public place, he wishes he can contribute a little bit to sociality to hope people life to come back normal .

Tiger project for Covid 19

His understands AI is a trend, he thinks he should learn coding when he is young, learning coding help him to think the world, develop his creative skills. Improve his logical skills, his math has improved rapidly after joining the coding lesson, he wishes more kids will join smart kids coding lesson and benefit from it .

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