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Smart Kids Coding Advertising Endorser --- Grace Kelsangmetog Cai

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

My name is Grace Kelsangmetog Cai and I am a freshman at Newton South High School. “Kelsangmetog” is Tibetan for Lucky Flower. My mother’s side family is from Tibet, China. My father is from Guangdong, China. My favorite subject is science, and I ranked in the top 2% in the 2020 Math Olympiads for middle school (MOEMS). I am the hostess of Youth online TV and have been an actress with North America Maple Drama.

I started figure skating at age four with Boston’s Skating Academy and joined the Skating Club of Boston in 2013. I am a junior coach at the Therapeutic skating program, which is a unique program that provides children and adults with disabilities access to the sport of figure skating by offering them an opportunity to participate in a specialized skating experience. I have been performing in the Ice Chips Show of Champions and Boston Common Holiday Shows since I was a student at the academy. I have skated for eight years on Boston’s Theatre on Ice teams, and we won numerous medals at National Theatre on Ice competitions. The Encore team and I won the 2019 International Theatre on Ice championship in Epinal, France. I got moved up to Theatre on Ice Junior team this year and will compete in the Novice Ladies Single event at the 2021 New England Regional Championships.

Throughout my skating career, I have experienced and seen many incidents and injuries which required medical attention. I have been to the emergency room twice due to ice skating injuries. This motivates me to pursue a medical degree in college. Due to the pandemic of COVID 19, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have been used in the health care industry much more. The knowledge and understanding of computer programing are important to have in the future, and it is also quite fun. I started to take the Python class with Smart Kids Coding to improve my programming knowledge, and I am now their advertising endorser. To help achieve my goals, I want to study neuroscience and computer science in college.

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